The Intro

There is much confusion around Bible prophecy. Prophecy Course ( is a 12-week course built to help you understand Bible prophecy. In this course, we wrestle with tough questions like: Why study Bible prophecy? Are we in the end times? When is the Tribulation? What is the mark of the beast? Who is the Antichrist? When is the rapture in the Bible? When will Jesus return?

Are we in the last days? The Bible has answers about the end times, but do we—as Christians—understand what we're reading?


Prophecy Course. Bible prophecy made clear.



Who is Prophecy Course For?

The Prophecy Course is designed for the serious Bible student who wants to strengthen their understanding of prophetic Scripture. Individuals and groups will benefit from this Bible study. Candidates for these Bible prophecy classes may include:

  • Small groups and Bible studies
  • Churches and home churches
  • Bible colleges and seminary classes
  • Theologians, pastors, preachers and Bible teachers
  • Men’s and women’s ministries
  • Missionaries and evangelists
  • Theological extension programs


Is Prophecy Course a Bible Study on the Last Days?

Well, yes! And, no. The goal of Prophecy Course is to offer a firm biblical foundation for understanding difficult prophetic passages within their ancient Jewish context. This means we'll journey through Scripture while getting grounded in the historical and cultural contexts swirling around the biblical authors. As modern-day Bible students who don't know our Jewish history well, we often take prophecies that were fulfilled in the past and we project those prophecies out into our near future. We've been doing this for 2,000 years! In the process, we misrepresent our Lord and His Word while doing damage to the flock. So, while it could be said Prophecy Course is a Bible study on the last days, its focus is actually broader than the end times.